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Business translations from and into English Russian German Spanish CIS (Belarusian)

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   After you have decided to contract out the materials to be translated to our company you should send them to us preferably by e-mail or by post.
   To make an order you need to contact us by e-mail or by post.
   Our e-mail address:
   The location of our office:
          Y. Kolasa, 26,
          220 027 Minsk,
          Magic Word

   We inform you how much it takes to accomplish your order. Usually, it is up to one week.

   You can pay for our work in advance or after it has been done.
   Acceptable ways of payment:
- Debit / Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover)
- PayPal
- Remittance on our bank account
- Personal / post check
- Money order
- WebMoney
- please, ask for other ways of payment which you prefer
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