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English-Russian & Russian-English translations made by Russians

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Business translations from and into English Russian German Spanish CIS (Belarusian)

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Guiding Price
Translation Type
1 Page A4*
$2.50 - $5

    * - prices are given for the page typed with Times New Roman font, 12pt (normal interval).

General tariff
0.005 per letter
0.005 per letter
Translation of 1 page of A4 format typed with Times New Roman font, 12 points
3 - 4.20
3 - 4.20
Translation of text on product package (contents, usage prescriptions), etc.
$10+($0.2 per 10 symbols)
€10+(€0.2 per 10 symbols)
Translation of technical, mechanical, electrical equipment manuals (1 brochure page)
7 - 15
7 - 15
Sound mottoes, slogans, etc.
20 - 30
20 - 30

    All the prices in euro are determined roughly, under exchange rate 1$/€.     All the payments are carried out under current exchange rate.
    There is a flexible system of discounts.
    10% discount to constant clients is available.
    For acceptable payment methods click here.

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